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Dell Studio Hybrid drivers- where are they?

Trying to reinstall the OS for an old Vista OS Dell Studio Hybrid.

Went to the download site, but only could find Bios drivers.

I need drivers to connect it to wifi, so that I can update it once I've done a clean reinstall.

Can anyone let me know where to find these - they are usually on the dell site once you put the service tag in, but nothing!

What drivers do I need, I'm installing Win7, will the bios drivers be enough to get the wifi working - if not, what do I need. 



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Re: Dell Studio Hybrid drivers- where are they?

At support.dell.com , you can Browse by Model

Or use http://ftp.dell.com

Sometimes a (long) ethernet cable works better (wired needs minimal drivers and no WiFi authentication is required).


Is this maybe it?


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