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Dell XPS 8300 Non Compliant to Windows 7


I am asking this because My Dell XPS 8300 Motherboard will not work well with Windows 7, I've had problems with trying to get the Internet to work (My PC is connected to a wired connection) and it still won't work I've tried everything from drivers to enabling/disabling the onboard LAN and still nothing works... But for some strange reason, the Board works well when I have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 but completely fails when i have Windows 7 on it... Please Help... this is very annoying...



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Re: Dell XPS 8300 Non Compliant to Windows 7

Win 7 is the only OS listed in the Dell downloads.  Should work perfectly.  I assume this was not the case originally.  If you reinstalled Win 7, the correct install sequence is (1) Install Windows (2) Install Intel Motherboard Chipset drivers (3) Install device drivers.   The Chipset drivers are key to a successful install and for proper operation.  If the install order was not done correctly that may be the source of your problems.  Newer OS' can automatically install the chipset drivers and thus not cause the problems.

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