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Error code 00A2

Error code 00A2. It will not boot up or even let me go into safe mode.  I have tried all the tricks but it does nothing but go to the bsod.  I have no recovery disk because I downloaded W10 on the initial launch free from the internet when it first came out.  Any suggestions how i can resolve this without having to buy a new computer

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Always include exact PC model in your posts.

00A2 is commonly caused by incorrectly configured system settings or entries in the Windows registry.

Do you know what version of Win 10 is installed, v1909, 20H1, 20H2 or other version?

Try this first:
Power PC on and immediately power off by pressing/holding power button on PC. Immediately repeat the on/off cycle 3 times. On the 3rd cycle the PC should reboot to the Repair Environment. Follow the prompts to troubleshoot...

If PC doesn't boot to RE, or it can't fix this, you can download the Win 10 20H2 file for free from Microsoft and follow their instructions to create a bootable USB stick. Use at least an empty 8-GB USB.

Plug that USB into PC while it's off. Then power on and immediately start tapping F12. When the F12 menu opens, look for option to boot from USB.

When it boots from USB, look for the options to repair/troubleshoot.


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