My XPS One 2720 screen problem

i have this annoying problem with my screen, please help me! thanks

p/s: if the picture is not clearly, reply to me then i will upload another shot


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Re: My XPS One 2720 screen problem

Anybody help ???
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Re: My XPS One 2720 screen problem



Click my name and private message me the pc service tag number. If you are out of warranty click here.





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Re: My XPS One 2720 screen problem

You seem to have put your attachment up as one .jpg.  So it appears I cannot make it larger to check, possibly use separate attachments so they can be expanded on a screen.

Where did you get the Windows 8 desktop background picture.  The one used now, which is similar, does not look like that one.  If yours has been edited, perhaps that is the reason for the "smokey" look you point out.  I do see a theme called "Pride 2019" which has colors in the areas you highlight and if they were blue it may look similar to yours.

The comments about the icons I don't understand.  All the rest of your icons seem to be positioned automatically.  Are or were those two icons different in some way?  Did you refresh your screen?


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