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Mystery 30 second event on XPS 8930

I have an XPS 8930 purchased in June with W10 1909, now W10 2004.

This is more a puzzle than a problem but I have most sounds set on as I like to know what is happening and I have now noticed that every 30 seconds my 'Close program' sound is heard. There is no corresponding 'Open program' heard.

I cannot catch any thing in Task Manager except Audio Device Graph which is presumably for the actual sound.

Has anyone any idea what might be happening every 30 seconds, is it common on XPS 8930s and does it matter ?

Yes, I could just remove the sound, but . . .

I also have the sporadic brief mouse freeze symptom but that's another story.


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Any guesses ?

Removing the Dell SupportAssist Remediation Service solved the micro freeze issue as was previously suggested here:  https://www.dell.com/community/XPS-Desktops/XPS-8930-freezes-for-3-5-seconds/m-p/7502259/highlight/t...



@ThomasIvan wrote:

On Sunday evening I disabled all Killer services and the Dell Support Assist Remediation service following advice from the Community and shut down the PC.
On Monday 3rd Aug I rebooted ready to install the drivers Dell Cares provided. The 30 second process and sound have gone ! There are occasional close program sounds at irregular intervals, sometime of several minutes which I guess are normal background processes. I have rebooted before to no effect, that's without any disabled processes.

Any guesses ?

That's a bit of progress. You shouldn't be getting sounds from any background processes. I never hear any system sounds from my XPS 8930 PC, aside from connect/disconnect USB devices.

Did you disable all Dell services in services.msc?

And maybe it's just time to run a repair on Win 10 or do a clean install of Win 10...


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I've always had random sounds generated on this 8930, my wife's 8900 and my W7 8500 (now being retired). I do have a sound set for most events listed in Sounds - open and close program, device connect, new mail and notifications etc. always noisy at startup and logon. The only Dell service I disabled was remediation.

Perhaps 'background' is the wrong word.



@ThomasIvan  I set a sound for "close program" on my XPS 8930 so lets see if I start getting random sounds now...


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@ThomasIvan  -  UPDATE:

Few min later and I'm getting random background "close program" sound now, in addition to hearing it when I close an app or just one of the open browser windows. All I have open is Firefox and Thunderbird (email) and things running in background like McAfee plus all the required Windows functions/services. 

Also hearing "close program" sound when I open a window by clicking a link in an email which opens a new FF window, even though I didn't set a sound for "open program"

Noticed something jumps to top of CPU usage list in Task Manager when the random beeps occur, but it happens so fast and disappears that I haven't been able to see what process it is.

Very weird, indeed...


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Much as my experience.  The difference was the regular 30 second  repeat which caught my attention.  Process Monitor caught the process using the Close Program wave file as a filter and showed Task Scheduler as the parent in show tree tool. I'm reluctant to experiment with re-enabling services or anything else now it's gone quiet.


I don't have any Killer stuff or Dell SupportAssist, Dell Update or Dell Remediation Service on this PC. I've also disabled Adobe updater and a few others tasks in Task Scheduler that like to phone home when I'm not looking. so maybe one of them was triggering your 30 sec beeps. 

When I enabled a "close program" sound, the background sound was random. 

Just another one of the many Unsolved Mysteries From Redmond... 


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I too tend to disable those auto updater tasks in the Scheduler, if it was one of those I guess it had gone rogue. I'll continue with just the Remediation service disabled ( and the Killer ones ) and let DellCares close the case. I had uninstalled all Dell software on my wife's 8900 as I'd read of a link with the continuous repeated re-configurations of software seen in The System Reliablity Monitor - it worked and no ill effects.



FWIW, the Killer software was repeatedly being shown in Reliability Monitor as having been installed on my XPS 8930 (save version, not updates).

I've had a trouble ticket open with Rivet for months about these software installs, but...being polite here...deaf ears.  So I finally just got rid of all their junk and at least that problem was solved...

EDIT: Forgot to say...Adobe Updater gets re-enabled in Task Scheduler every time you update Adobe Reader. So you have to keep going back into Task Scheduler to disable it again. I finally set my firewall to alert me when Adobe Updater tries to phone home, so that reminds me to disable the task again...


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For anyone still reading - on 3rd August a Rivet Networks - Net had been silently installed and today 6th August I noticed that the Killer services I had disabled on 2nd were set as -
Analytics running AUTO
Dynamic Bandwidth not running MANUAL
Networks services running AUTO
Smart AP selection not running MANUAL
WiFi optimisation still disabled.

Also today a Rivet Networks LLC 2.2.3267.0 had been installed and waiting for a restart, fingers crossed I restarted.
The Killer services states were unchanged and the 30 second process/sound is NOT evident.

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