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Mystery 30 second event on XPS 8930

I have an XPS 8930 purchased in June with W10 1909, now W10 2004.

This is more a puzzle than a problem but I have most sounds set on as I like to know what is happening and I have now noticed that every 30 seconds my 'Close program' sound is heard. There is no corresponding 'Open program' heard.

I cannot catch any thing in Task Manager except Audio Device Graph which is presumably for the actual sound.

Has anyone any idea what might be happening every 30 seconds, is it common on XPS 8930s and does it matter ?

Yes, I could just remove the sound, but . . .

I also have the sporadic brief mouse freeze symptom but that's another story.


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I see when I select 'process tree' in Process monitor that the Taskhostw comes under a svchost.exe with a command ending in 'Schedule' and which in Task Manager under the relevant PID is named 'Schedule' with description 'Task Scheduler'. Not sure what that tells me yet, surely nothing is scheduled every 30 seconds or does the Sceduler check every 30 seconds and if so why create a sound.

I'll disable the Killer services ready for my next reboot anyway as RoHe suggests as it sounds harmless.



The sound persists after BIOS update to 1.1.15 and strangely if I change my 'close program' sound to something other than Utopia Critical Stop the 30m second sound changes accordingly but if I set 'Close Program' to No Sound the 30 second sound reverts to Utopia Critical Stop ( but Process Monitor doesn't spot that one ).

A Service Request was raised, I guess by Dell Cares, but I can't get to see it as my e-mail addr is rejected against Service Tag and Service Code.

I'll add Dell's Remediation Service to the disabled services but that will be along term negative test as the Mouse freeze is very infrequent.



It is strange that if you set 'Close Program' to 'No Sound' it would revert to 'Utopia Critical Stop'. Does it actually revert in the Sound Program Events settings or do you just hear the 'Utopia Critical Stop' sound? Previously you stated that "It does not sound if I set the sounds theme to 'no sounds' ", but I guess that is different than just changing the 'Close Program' event to 'No Sound'.


it doesn't revert in the Sounds Program Events, that stays as 'no sound' but the sound is heard. Also Process Monitor still filtering on 'Utopia Critical Stop' doesn't trap the process - boggling eh ? Process monitor only catches the process when the 'close program' sound is set to Utopia Critical Stop and I guess that wav file is accessed.

I have yet to detect which Task Scheduler task is started.

The PC has been restarted three times by the BIOS update but not with the afore-mentioned services disabled. I can find the PID and am getting near to simply ending the task and praying but I'll wait till after the Monday reboot as opposed to my usual sleep/wake and possibly after the Killer wi-fi update offered by Dell.


@ThomasIvan Mind boggling to say the least. Perhaps the sound is not 'Utopia Critical Stop', it just sounds like it, which I think means that the 'Close Program' is not the event causing the sound. Does that make sense?


Except that the sound is always that currently associated with 'close program' even if I change the 'close program' sound to something else like 'balloon' to be distinctive.

Thanks for your continued interest.



EDIT: Yes the event might be something other than a program being closed but that it has hit upon my 'close program' sound and won't let go.


Have you ever tried repairing Win 10?

  1. Back up personal files on external media to be safe.
  2. Open CMD prompt window, Run as administrator
  3. At the prompt, type in: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and press Enter. Copy errors, if any. Be sure to include one space before each /.
  4. Back at the prompt, type in: sfc /scannow and press Enter. Copy errors, if any.
  5. Close CMD window and reboot...


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I am going to do a reboot (rather than sleep/wake) Monday AM with the Killer and Dell Support Assist Remediation services disabled. Dell Cares has provide some audio and graphics driver updates to apply and after that I may need to try the more drastic surgery you advise.
Thanks again

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  "I also have the sporadic brief mouse freeze symptom but that's another story."

That is an issue with Support Assist Remediation. After I downloaded a new version of Support Assist the issue is resolved.


On Sunday evening I disabled all Killer services and the Dell Support Assist Remediation service following advice from the Community and shut down the PC.
On Monday 3rd Aug I rebooted ready to install the drivers Dell Cares provided. The 30 second process and sound have gone ! There are occasional close program sounds at irregular intervals, sometime of several minutes which I guess are normal background processes. I have rebooted before to no effect, that's without any disabled processes.

Any guesses ?

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