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Mystery 30 second event on XPS 8930

I have an XPS 8930 purchased in June with W10 1909, now W10 2004.

This is more a puzzle than a problem but I have most sounds set on as I like to know what is happening and I have now noticed that every 30 seconds my 'Close program' sound is heard. There is no corresponding 'Open program' heard.

I cannot catch any thing in Task Manager except Audio Device Graph which is presumably for the actual sound.

Has anyone any idea what might be happening every 30 seconds, is it common on XPS 8930s and does it matter ?

Yes, I could just remove the sound, but . . .

I also have the sporadic brief mouse freeze symptom but that's another story.


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@ThomasIvan  - Hasn't happened here, and all 4 Killer services are still disabled in services.msc. I'll have to keep an eye out...

At least your 30 sec beeps haven't resumed...


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