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SNPV0M5RC 8G AB120718 DDR4 3200MHz

SNPV0M5RC 8G AB120718 DDR4 3200MHz


SNPV0M5RC AB120718 PC4-25600 B09CQFM3QG


SNPV0M5RC AB120718  PC4-25600 APD AB120718

This product is compatible with the following systems:

Gaming Desktop (5000)
Inspiron 3880 MT
OptiPlex 3080 MT
OptiPlex 3080 SFF
OptiPlex 5080 MT
OptiPlex 5080 SFF
OptiPlex 7080 MT
OptiPlex 7080 SFF
Precision Workstation 3440 SFF
Precision Workstation 3440 XE
Precision Workstation 3640 Tower
Precision Workstation 3640XE Tower
Precision Workstation 5820 Tower
Precision Workstation T5820XL Tower
Vostro 3681 SFF
Vostro 3888 MT
Vostro 5880
XPS 8940


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I've four of those 16GB/3200 1Rx8 Non-ECC from Transcend (SpecTek memory chips, JetRam JM3200HLE-16G modules) in Precision 3450 SFF.


Memory with similar specs from crucial.com for a much lower cost.


Not really, I wouldn't call it "much" lower, just a bit,
when I was buying it - Transcend' web price was cheaper (not by much though) and Crucial was running "clearance discount" (-28% or something) from around $90/£75 (which looking at current price and the one followed shortly after - drops some shadow on honesty of their "marketing campaigns")

but if you check in a bit more details - Crucial isn't really saying what memory rank/density you will get (they vaguely specify both/three as options: 1Rx8/2Rx8 {plus 1Rx16 on latest due to industry standard changes}) effectively turning it into a gamble between marginally slower/faster memory, plus you might get lucky and receive all 4 the same modules (a bit unlikely outcome) or different ones (e.g. single rank and double in one set) effectively messing-up whole setup.

That's the reason I went for more certainty on target module speed/rank (single rank: 1Rx8) at extra premium (at current prices looks like from 7% to 10%, back then it was almost the same / gap nearly nil).


@sam55todd Just going by the website you posted, 8 GB of your memory is $42.99 and Crucial's memory is $30.99, almost 30% less the price of yours. 16 GB of your memory is $71.99 and Crucial'2 is $60.99, about 15% less. I have no way of knowing the price of memory when you made your purchase. Crucial's price is also much lower than the price on the links to Amazon and Dell memory mentioned here for 8 GB. 

If you are concerned about rank/density you should check with the manufacturer and to ensure compatibility you should purchase a kit and not individual memory modules. Crucial guarantees compatibility when using Crucial's System Scanner or System Selector.

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