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Studio XPS 9000/435T, home use

My Dell Optiplex 780 crashed, performed very well for almost 10 years, primarily home use. Considering purchasing Dell Studio XPS 9000/435T, Intel Core i7-920 2.66GHz, 9GB DDR3, ATI Radeon 5870, 1TB HD, Windows 10 Pro from Sunset Micro through Amazon. Again, will be used primarily for home use but I am in process of transferring 8mm film to my computer and using Pinnacle Studio 23 Plus for editing. 

I understand the computer is refurbished but do not know what the Sunset Micro warranty is for the computer.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.


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This system is about the same age as your other one.  There's little reason to buy a 10+ year old system when much newer, faster, less proprietary and more reliable ones are available.  I'd be surprised anyone would offer a warranty on a system this old.



Thanks for your reply. Any suggestions?


Another question to ask is what version of Windows in running on this Studio XPS 9000? Dell doesn't support Win 10 on this system.

If it's running Win 7, there won't be any updates for security, bug fixes etc from Microsoft. And if it's running Win 8.1, Microsoft is only offering security updates until 2023, but nothing else...

Even if it's running Win 10, you might want to search these forums to see what issues other may have had running Win 10 on this model...


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look for a 9020 tower to replace the 780.



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