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Studio XPS 9100, CPU list, cooling

The Studio XPS 9100 CPU upgrade list in this thread has a bad link now.  Can someone send a good link please? Thank you.

The Studio XPS 9100 uses side air intake to cool the CPU heatsink. The air holes on side panel are quite small. Not sure any one has temperature test for stock i7-920 idle and load with the stock cooler.

Some user reports poor cooling in the Studio XPS 9100. I wonder whether one should use straight front to back air flow as a better option? Some say the cooler master evo 212 is mediocre in performance (though popular).  What is your opinion? I just saw the newest evo 212 black edition in best buy. The i7 980X Intel cooler is not bad in cooling performance, but has a noisy fan.

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Re: Studio XPS 9100, CPU list, cooling

You could install something like Speccy (free) to monitor CPU, GPU and HDD temps by watching the icon it can put in the Notification area on the taskbar. Open Speccy and click View>Options>System Tray.

Can't help with the link. That post (or the whole thread) may have been removed from the forum...


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Re: Studio XPS 9100, CPU list, cooling

The 2010 Studio XPS 9100 was never tested/validated with Xeon CPU. Dell only tested/validated the BIOS and Intel X58 chipset with the following OEM CPU =


HXGV2 Gulftown i7-990X, 3.46GHz, 12MB, B1
1G5M7 Gulftown i7-980X, 3.33GHz, 12MB, B1
152W9 Gulftown i7-970, 3.20GHz, 12MB, B1
MNWGW Bloomfield i7-960, 3.20GHz, 8MB, D0
VRDMW Bloomfield i7-930, 2.80GHz, 8MB, D0
G442M Bloomfield i7-920, 2.66GHz, 8MB, C0
1GKT0 Bloomfield i7-920, 2.66GHz, 8MB, D0

W3565 only runs at 2.4ghz on XPS-9100 with bios, A04.

All of these models are subject to SPECTRE and Meltdown issues that will NEVER be fixed.
X5680 SLBV5  6-Core 3.33GHz 12MB 6.4GT/s 130W LGA1366 CPU
This was done on precisionT3500/5500 X58 workstations with 525W.  Not working on XPS without upgrading power supply.

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