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Which graphics card would you recommend for my preferences?

Hey guys, I currently have a GTX 1050 Ti that a friend gave me, but it isn't really pulling the fps that I'm hoping for in games. I usually get about 115 in esports and about 40 in AAA games. I have a 144hz 1080p monitor, and I'd like to be consistently hitting about 140 fps in esports like LoL and Smite, and a decently steady 60-70 fps in AAA games like Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Skyrim with some non-demanding mods, etc, although if I could hit 90 or 100 steadily that would be ideal. I'm not sure I'd be willing to drop an extra $100 for that performance, though. I would probably be playing on High settings. I'm also a big fan of AMD, and my monitor is also Freesync (although I think it may be one of those that were updated to be Gsync compatible) so I'd like to stay with AMD recommendations.

I've been waiting for Navi info before I bought in, but all of the new cards seem to be a lot stronger than what I need for 1080p gaming, even if it is 144hz. In terms of budget, I could probably go up to about $350 but cheaper is better, I'm a big believer of price/performance. $150-$250 is probably my ideal price range. The main options I was seeing based on my own researching were the RX 570, the RX 580, the RX 590, and the Vega 56. Which of these would you recommend for me, or are there other options I'm missing that you think would be a better fit? Thank you for your assistance.



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Re: Which graphics card would you recommend for my preferences?

What model computer, psu and OS? Your computer has to support any card you get.

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Re: Which graphics card would you recommend for my preferences?

What exact Dell model do you have ?

What size Power-Supply is in it?

Is the OS and these favorite games all running from a SSD?


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Re: Which graphics card would you recommend for my preferences?

Tearing" in PC games occurs when your GPU is putting out frames faster OR slower than your monitor's refresh rate. If you have a 144hz monitor, that means your monitor is refreshing the image on the screen 144 times per second.

You cannot do 144hz without a REAL Gpu and Gsync

G-SYNC features require an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST GPU or higher.  I would recommend 1060 6 gig card minimum.  HOWEVER your power supply may not support this card. So it may be throttling gpu and CPU.

If this is ancient cpu then its bottlenecked by the bus being PCI-E 2.0

System Requirement: Must support DisplayPort 1.4 directly driven from the GPU.




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