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XPS 420, PSU reseating

I had problems with my xps 420 so i reseated all the hardware but i didn't take pictures of where the wiring went. Is there detailed pictures of where I put the wiring? Also are the red, orange, and blue wiring with the same ends to them exactly the same? Or do they have their own slots?

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Sorry if you misunderstood my question... I am not looking to take it out again I am trying to place all the wires in original location. I am also trying to see if the 2 red 2 orange and 2 blue wires are the exact same cables


The link I sent tells you where to install all the cables.  It is the connectors of each cable that matters not the color of wires.  usually 24 pin ATX+ 4 pin CPU to motherboard, sata power connectors to DVD drive and HDD.  All the connectors look different and you could not plug them incorrectly.  they would not fit in the wrong place. HTH.  If you look at the first pic in the link, shorter sata goes to DVD and longer to HDD.

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