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XPS 600, Battery replaced, still getting message

I replaced the battery on the motherboard. Am still getting a low battery message on startup. Also when I shut down the computer, it boots to performing IDE configuration? 

Any Help


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Re: XPS 600 Battery


Clear NVRAM/RESETCMOS by following the information below.

Shutdown and disconnect power cable and all peripherals connected  from the system. Open the computer case.

  1. Reset the current CMOS settings:
  2. .Locate the 3-pin CMOS jumper (RTCRST) on the system board.
  3. Remove the jumper plug from pins 1 and 2.
  4. Place the jumper plug on pins 2 and 3 and wait approximately 5 seconds.
  5. Replace the jumper plug on pins 1 and 2.
  6. Close the computer cover.
    A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer. NOTE: To connect a network cable, first plug the cable into the network wall jack and then plug it into the computer.


  7. Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets and turn them on.

If this does not resolve the issue please contact Dell Support at the number below. There will be a fee for troubleshooting and resolving the issue since the computer is no longer under warranty.

For information opening the computer case click the link below to download the online manual.

Dell XPS 600 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals


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