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XPS 730 Analog Sound Failure

Hi. Very terrible computer user here. Brief Background- My graphics card recently went out (GeForce 9800 XT) - while I was searching for a fix my boy recommended I update Windows (I was happily running Vista even though things like my printer wouldn't talk to it and lots of programs said they wouldn't update anymore)...  So I bought Windows 10 and went through something called a "clean installation" where I completely wiped out all my settings- saved them to my Seagate external Drive- then updated my OS (Operating system?) to Windows 10...  (It didn't fix the graphics situation of course- so I bought a new cheap card- we had been using the old one a little over 10yrs and my boy no longer lives with us or uses our PC for games- so a basic card is fine...) But that's all just the background... The Sound issue- when I "clean installed" the new Windows 10 I noticed that my analog speakers (Altec lansing: plugged into the green port in back) and my headphones (plugged into the headphone jack in front) both stopped working. In the Control Panel/Sound area everything was checked off as SPID (?) and Hi-Def options... but my speaker and headphone options both have RED ARROWS on them and say they are not plugged in (they 100% are)...  Googling around I found folks saying to "roll back" to a time that the devices worked- but there is no Roll-Back option I think because of the clean install... I went into the Seagate file to look for any audio setting in there but under the saved PC file it just says Back-Up files 1- 849 and doesn't say anything about audio or even what to do with these back-up files... So... I'm a lot lost here. I just want to get the computer to play sound through the analog speaker jack and the headphone jack and I have no idea what I'm doing... Any help is greatly appreciated...

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Re: XPS 730 Analog Sound Failure

No Rollback. Clean-install, update, and then use it. If your on board audio hardware is bad, or windows 10 does not provide drivers for that old ancient on board audio device…

just install a new audio-card in a slot, or maybe a USB Audio dongle will work (if you have USB-2.0 ).


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