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XPS 8300 8500 8700 Power Switch Failure and Solution

I have had an XPS 8500 since 2013, which continues to work well apart from issues with the power switch.

Recently it would not start without repeated clicks or double clicks of the power button. Examination of power switch module, under the top cover, revealed a simple momentary switch, which is just pushed into place with two wires soldered to it, not physically attached to a circuit board.

The switch is 6mm x 6mm and my best match was one 7mm tall. These switches usually have four pins, a closer look at the original shows one from each side have been removed, so I did likewise. Soldered the wires to the new switch, refitted and all now works perfectly.

The switch, 'black tactile 7mm switch SW085' from bitsbox.co.uk was £0.19 plus £1.90 for UK postage.

I hope this post helps anyone else suffering from this commom problem, with a simple low cost fix.