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XPS 8300, GPU upgrade

Hey guys,

I know it’s a real old build. But I was wondering what I could do to upgrade my XPS 8300? It’s the i5 base model from Best Buy from 2011. I was looking for a GPU but I see there’s a lot of problems with Nvidia and the XPS. I was wondering could someone link me to an affordable GPU that is good to great don’t need anything overclocked I play game called Runescape. I just need an upgraded that has been tested and works. I plan on recording videos so it just needs to be better looking at anything in the price range of 70-130$ USD.

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Re: XPS 8300, GPU upgrade

The following may help.


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Re: XPS 8300, GPU upgrade

" affordable GPU that is good to great "

GT1030 is Good


GTX 1050TI is Great





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