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XPS 8300, M787C mouse, runs erratically

I have a Dell XPS 8300 system running Windows 10 64-bit, however my mouse runs erratically, very sensitive. It is a Dell M787C, and I'm not convinced that it has the correct device driver installed.

Can anyone advise or provide me a link to what the actual device driver should be and "How to.." install it?



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Mary G
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Re: XPS 8300, M787C mouse, runs erratically

Did you try fresh batteries? Mice are plug and play so it is not the drivers. The so called drivers--if any-- are just the software for the buttons. That model mouse is no longer available which means it is old. Buy a new mouse. Wireless and wired mice wears out after a while. Inexpensive replacements available in any store that sells electronics. You should always keep a spare around.

Here are the stats-- 

  • Requires Two AA-Batteries (Not Included)
  • Mouse P/N: M787C. M/N: M-RBV114
  • Receiver P/N: M797C. M/N: C-UAM35
  • Plug 'n Play (NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED), Works on ALL Computer Systems That Support USB Connectivity
  • Can Be Used On Desktop & Laptop/Notebook Systems That Support USB
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Re: XPS 8300, M787C mouse, runs erratically

Have you tried gently cleaning the sensor window on the bottom with a microfiber cloth?


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