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XPS 8300, PSU upgrade

I have an aging XPS 8300 which has been upgraded over the years. I am trying to replace the AMD Radeon HD 6700 video card with an Arez Expedition Radeon RX570 to run my 3 monitors; I believe the 6700 is overheating and locking up the system. The original DELL PSU has only a six-pin VGA connector, whereas the Arez requires 8-pin. I am willing to replace the PSU with a more up-to-date one with the required connectors. What is my best choice? How can I tell what will fit? I have searched through community  posts, but most relevant discussions are so old that the models suggested no longer exist.

Thank you
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Re: XPS 8300, PSU upgrade

@geoffbates wrote:

 How can I tell what will fit? 

Thank you

Should be standard ATX.    5.9"(W) x 3.4"(H) x 6.3"(L) or smaller and you will be fine.

Modular recommended, tight fit between the PSU and the optical drive bays.


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Re: XPS 8300, PSU upgrade

R Series Radeon or RTX NVIDIA cards are not working in an XPS 8300 EVER.

ATX is not correct.  EPS 12v with 150W combined 25A on 3.3v  5v rails is required.

Nvidia up to and including 1080TI work but require larger power supply.

GT 1030 up to GTX 1050TI work fine with stock power supply.

PNY Technologies
  • Manufacturer part VCGGT10302PB
  • Dell part A9763687

EVGA 700B1 works  B2 BQ N1 W1 etc from same vendor DOES NOT WORK due to insufficient power on 3.3v and 5v rails.  Modern PFC power supplies are 80 percent efficient and EPS 12v  Spec.


CX750M also works.



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