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XPS 8300, upgrade MSI GTX 1660?

XPS 8300

Hi all,

I've got a family pc which is a XPS 8300, it's had a SSD upgrade and RAM upgraded to 32GB.

I've been trying to find out if it will handle a new graphics card a GTX 1660 from MSI.

Does anyone know if the stock PSU would be enough and if the Motherboard & BIOS would be ok with it?
My son did contact the manufacturer for me, but they told him to go to the PC manufacturer.


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This forum thread should help. Briefly though the 1660 requires UEFI which the 8300 does not have so you need an older GPU and the link addresses that.

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this video card needs an 8pin PCIe connector.  stock 460w psu has two 6 pin in piggyback.  you can use a Y adapter to combine the two 6 pin to an 8 pin, or a straight 6 to 8 pin adapter.  they are equivalent adapter in this case as the two 6 pins are on same rail and both have 3x12V wired.  460w stock is enough to power the 1660S.

card length is good for 8300.

one user validated 1660S (MSI GTX 1660 Super 6GB Ventus XS OC) in 8300.  Dell XPS 8300 Performance Results - UserBenchmark




Thanks for the reply, in the thread it mentions an RTX, is an RTX the same as an GTX?

Would my only option be to get a new motherboard or a new pc?






Thanks for the reply.


Would this be what I'm looking for?



Will this mean the old BIOS wont be an issue?




the amazon 6 to 8 pin adapter is good.

the user benchmark is evidence that the card works in 8300.   upgrade bios to latest.


Thanks, will that adapter be the best or is there a better brand?
Also is there a way to find out what BIOS I should be on or how to upgrade?


this one may be better than amazon.  Original EVGA Dual 6 Pin Female To 8 Pin Male Cable Factory Sealed YELLOW-BLACK | eBay

On Windows hit Windows+R, type “msinfo32” into the Run box, and then hit Enter. The BIOS version number is displayed on the System Summary pane.

install and test the gpu before you upgrade bios.  if it boots you do not need to upgrade bios.

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@SpeedyOT wrote:

Hi all,

I've got a family pc which is a XPS 8300, it's had a SSD upgrade and RAM upgraded to 32GB.

I've been trying to find out if it will handle a new graphics card.

Yeah, I still have one also. Nice little machine, but I don't have a use for it.

Like someone mentioned, lack of full-UEFI is going to limit your video card options. Mine has an old AMD-7750-1gb (DX-12) discrete video-card (DVI, HDMI, DP) 

Also has an upgraded Corsair 650w PS and a SATA-3/600 SSD. 

... so with HDMI, could possibly work as a Kodi-box. I guess some Games, but only old ones.

Best bet it to gift it away to the kids. Time to get a new machine (use that "video card" money toward that).

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The BIOS are currently A04 20/06/2011 on an 0Y2MRG board according to MSINFO32.

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