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XPS 8390, case swap, constant restart

Hello all, 

So I've swapped my XPS 8390 from the Dell case to a V200 TG and added a H115i Plat to cool the CPU. After about a minute the system will just restart with no warning. Temps are below 100F and I just have it sitting there idle. Again other than the CPU cooler and case, I'm using all the same components. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

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Maybe the cooler isn't working... what are the CPU temps C when it reboots?



cpu temp each time is around 28C give or take a degree or two. 

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How did you wire up the front I/O panel? Post some photos if you don't mind sharing. This sounds like another interesting project.


So for the front IO panel I pulled the power button cable from the old case. I was getting a different set of errors with that from the Dell support program on start up. When i wasn't using it though this is how i had it set up.


 I know its a very ugly pic sorry, but this is how i set it up. Again though i pulled the power cable from the old case and i'm using that until i get this restart issue handled.



 Its a little messy at the moment so bear with me please.



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photos are showing up super small 

have you had a look at relevant portions of this thread?

XPS 8930 Case Swap 

some of the Dell proprietary cabling and I/O panel connections can cause problems

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