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XPS 8500, max high end components?

Hi, im wondering what are the high end components that my current dell xps 8500 can handle, i mean cpu, gpu and ram without changing mobo or psu(i dont know even if this is possible), my current specs are:

Cpu: Core i5 3350P 3.10GHz

Ram: DDR3 8Gb 1600MHz

Gpu: Radeon HD 7570 1GB 

Also it would be great if you guys tell me what do you think about  those changes and if it worth it, or may be its time to buy a new pc.


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Re: XPS 8500, max high end components?

It is not worth the investment in a PC that is about 8 years old. Your PC has a 3rd generation Intel processor, Intel is currently building its 9th generation. A different generation processor usually requires a new motherboard. Standard memory is now DDR4 and higher speed than you have. Your power supply (460W if original) will not handle most high end graphics cards. 

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Re: XPS 8500, max high end components?

no job stated or hinted.

PCs are like engines, what do you want your engine to do.?

not one clue  from you on the PCs max job. 

running MS solitaire? game.

or $60 AAA+ high end games a dream?


what do I have now, stated

where do you want to go, not stated.

no purse stated,. what is in the  cookie jar, I cant see it.

the GTX1650 would be max,. no PSU upgrade,. but no purse stated, and really is first. right? cash in hand?

It is your PC and your cash.

your question as been asked here before, in fact vast times. search ?

why the fear of better PSU, I can not understand that fear,? do say so , first. (cost or ?)

460watts NOW?

you sure can up grade to I7, CPU. gen3 is not near as good as Gen4 Haswell.

you can sure upgrade ram anytime you want. (per spec) 4 slots,  each has max. 32GB. Crucial sells it. read there.

so it gets down to GPU and lacking good PSU.   GTX1650




I am not Dell, I am retired from this industry since 2009,
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