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XPS 8500, updates won't install

I recently updated the SupportAssistant app and ran it. Notified of two pending updates. BIOS was "urgent". It downloaded and installed successfully. The second update "recommended" was this:

Dell Wireless 1703 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Driver (version

This update downloads, but when I click on the link to complete the installation, it just sits there saying:


Doesn't matter how long I let it run. It never updates.

Also, there is another update will not install, 

Bus Controllers & Ports, Display - Dell 1907FP

This update has downloaded 12 times by Windows Update since June 2016, and fails every time.

How critical are these updates? Any suggestions?

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Re: XPS 8500, updates won't install

Always include the version of Windows in your posts. :Idea:

Can we assume WiFi and BT are working now?

Are you sure you have a Dell Wireless 1703 WiFi+BT card installed? Dell also sold this model with their 1704 WiFi+BT card or with Intel 2230 WiFi.

v9.2.0.514 of the driver for the 1703 card is dated June 2014 so I'd be surprised if you don't already have it and that's why attempts to install it again are failing. Open Device Manager and find the entry for your WiFi card. Confirm that it is Dell WiFi 1703 and then click its driver tab and see what version of the driver is installed now.

Do you actually have a Dell 1907FP monitor? Had to really dig for this and the only driver for Dell 1907FP monitor I could find is here. It only works with Vista, 32- and 64-bit. So assuming you're using a more recent version of Windows, you can't use that driver so don't worry about it.

BTW: You're really lucky SupportAssist successfully installed that BIOS update and didn't turn your motherboard into a useless brick.  If this were my PC, I'd uninstall SupportAssist immediately and manually update BIOS and drivers from the support page, when/if necessary. And that way you won't be bothered with unnecessary driver updates..


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