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XPS 8700, 32GB SSD is incompatible

I have a Dell XPS 8700 that came with a 32 GB SATA which I understand is used as a cache drive.  About a year ago, Dell re-installed Win 10 on my PC as the PC had crashed and was not recoverable.  Since then I have been getting the following message in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application:

SATA SSD on Controller 0, Port 5:  Incompatible

The Troubleshooting guide indicates the following for this message:

Cause:  The volume was moved to another system that does not support the volume type and configuration.


In this situation, volume data is accessible to the operating system and can be backed up, but the volume cannot operate because your system does not support its RAID configuration.
Here are your options:
■ Reconnect the volume to the computer where the volume was originally created and continue using it.
■ Delete the volume, and then create a new volume with a RAID configuration that is supported by the current system.

Can anyone pl. help provide the steps to "Reconnect the volume to the computer where there volume was originally created"?

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This forum post may have the information you need.


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