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XPS 8700, CPU upgrade


This has been asked already, however, I am asking again for clarity.

Is it possible to upgrade my 8700's Intel Core i7 4770 CPU to a faster CPU. I noticed that there was a post where someone mentioned another post that someone had put in the 4790K but there was no link to that reference. I am asking is the 4790K compatible with the 8700? Also, is there an even faster CPU then the 4790K that is compatible with my system?


Motherboard model - 0KWVT8
Chipset Intel Haswell Revision 06 
Southbridge Intel Z87 Revision C1
LPCIO - ITE - IT8772


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Re: XPS 8700 processor upgrade

While it should be, the performance difference is going to be so small, it's not worth the trouble let alone the cost to upgrade.


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