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XPS 8700, Windows 10 Pro, driver failure

Just tried to install Windows 10 Pro. I have been running Windows 10 Home with no issues for a LONG time. It seems NONE of the drivers will install, not even the Chipset. Oddly enough, it seems to only be NEW drivers that have a problem. The drivers I have stored on my hard drive from 2015 will install just fine. Just not the updates. If I try to extract to a folder, the folder is EMPTY when I am done but it thinks it succeeded!


For Now, I will just install the old drivers.


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Re: XPS 8700 Driver Installation Failure

Not sure what going on there, but for a machine this old (that appears to just barely support Windows-10/64bit) ...

I suggest you get all drivers directly from Microsoft with Windows-Update. I really doubt there is anything from Dell that you need or want (keep it lean).

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Re: XPS 8700 Driver Installation Failure

Are you aware that there are 2018 bios updates for the 8700? (Very rare considering the computer's age) Also the path to installing Pro is paying $99 at the store to upgrade from Home. If you install clean install it costs $199 for the new license. If you don't need the domain feature, stay with Home version. The upgrade option is on the System page in settings. Open About on the system page/

Windows 10 home or pro run very well on the XPS 8700. All the drivers that you used for Home are Pro drivers too.

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Re: XPS 8700 Driver Installation Failure

I just updated the BIOS primarily because the previous BIOS update was terrible! It really slowed the computer down! Wish I could go back two revisions!

Dell has changed their driver website page. It is not nearly as useful as it was. But if you give it the tag and the OS it provides drivers that do not install. Here is what I had to do;

Copy the driver to a none c: partition. Extract then install. It will not work by clicking and installing. It will not extract if the source file is in the downloads or desktop directory. I was successful extracting to the same directory as the source.

I now have everything installed.

A clean install of Windows speeds things up a bit.

Windows 10 Pro has some features I wanted .

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