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XPS 8700, add 2nd U2415

I have a Dell XPS 8700. I have a Dell U2415 monitor connected to it. I would like to connect a second monitor, (U2415). What cable do I need? What is the best way to connect it?

Thank you.


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Re: XPS 8700, add 2nd U2415

Hi, @jlsohio ,


First question is:- Do you have a separate Video Card or are you using the On-Board Graphics?


If on-board Graphics, then I believe that the XPS 8700 has both an HDMI & a Displayport Output.


Assuming that you are using the HDMI Output, then just get a DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable & use that to connect your 2nd Monitor - Win-10 will handle how the 2nd Monitor is utilised!







ps:- the picture is showing the rear of the XPS 8700 & the detail of each connection - unfortunately, until a Mod has approved it, you won't be able to see the picture. Alternatively, go to:-



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Re: XPS 8700, add 2nd U2415

This is an older model, so do we know for sure the onboard graphics can handle 2 monitors at the same time if there's no add-in video card?

If you have an add-in video card that supports more than one monitor, you can connect both monitors to the card, but you may need an adapter, depending on what ports are available on the video card and on the 2 monitors.

Keep in mind that video adapters are typically one-directional, so make sure you get one that connects the way you need from PC to monitor. You can't just turn these cables around and use them in either direction.

If have an add-in video card, you can connect a second monitor to the onboard graphics after you enable Intel Multi-Display in BIOS setup.  (Reboot and immediately press F2 to open BIOS setup.)

And if all else fails, there's always a USB>video dongle that connects a USB port on PC to a video port on the monitor. Get one that has the right video port for the monitor you want to connect to the dongle. And if the PC has a USB3 port, get a USB3 video dongle for better performance.


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