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XPS 8700, graphics card upgrade, GTX 1050 Ti

Hi, I was wondering whether this graphics card will be compatible with my xps 8700 desktop. It currently have the standard gtx745OEM installed.


  • GPU  - GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • GPU Clockspeed  - 1392 Mhz (boost)/1290 Mhz (base)
  • Memory  - 4GB GDDR5 (128 bits)
  • Memory Clockspeed  - 3500Mhz (DDR 7G)
  • Bandwidth  - 112 GB/sec
  • Bus -  PCI-Express 3.0 x 16
  • Cooling  -  2 Slot Fan cooler
  • Video-Features  -  HDMI v2.0
  • Connectivity - DVI-D + DisplayPort
  • Product Size  - 161mm x 112mm
  • Dual Width
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Mary G
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Re: XPS 8700 Graphics Card Upgrade

That card will work as long as you have 2 slots open and it is not too big. (I don't speak metric) The 8700 has a 460w psu and that card requires at least 300w. So you're fine there.

Biggest drawback IMO is spending over $150 on a 5-6 yr old model computer you might be replacing soon. A $50-$60 gpu might be more practical. 

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Re: XPS 8700 Graphics Card Upgrade

I wouldn't get a card like that unless you plan on removing it and using it elsewhere later, also make sure there is room for whatever you get. It's kinda' like putting a new paint job on a 1962 Dodge Lancer.

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Re: XPS 8700 Graphics Card Upgrade

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Re: XPS 8700 Graphics Card Upgrade

Make sure you measure the available space before you buy it.  A couple of brands for the GTX 1050 TI like the EVGA linked on previous post make short ones (145 to 155 mm).

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