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XPS 8700, noisy fan

Recently, my XPS 8700 has been making loud noises as if a fan is suddenly moving fast then it stops and seems to repeat this randomly. Also,the PC boots up only ever second time I press the power button. How many fans are there inside of a Dell XPS 8700?

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Re: Dell XPS 8700 noisy fan


How many fans are there inside of a Dell XPS 8700?

Open the case and take a look.  You could look in the 8700 manual, but maybe somebody added fans.

Confirm a fan is the source of noise... and does it start when the system starts?  If not, maybe the fan is dying and causing the system BIOS fan logic to halt the boot process  if it thinks the fan is not working.


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Re: XPS 8700, noisy fan

The online XPS 8700 Owner's Manual mentions the chassis fan page 60 and processor fan page 62.



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Re: XPS 8700, noisy fan

When was last time you replaced the motherboard battery? CR2032 3-volt coin cell, ~$2?

A corrupted video card driver can cause the fan to rev and slow down, randomly.

And it's possible the thermal paste between heat sink and CPU dried out and will need to be replaced...


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