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XPS 8700, sound not working

I have a Dell XPS8700. My sound quite working from the port on the back of the computer and also the one on top. I get sound thru my monitor but if I plug in speakers or a headset I do not get any sound. Can I put in a sound card to plug my speakers or headset into?

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Models like this have specific sound card that works when the front panel is removed and the sound card is used instead.

The sound card is SB1350 Creative Recon Sound blaster 3d.

70SB135A00002   @DELL-Chris M would be able to verify this.






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@rfisher916   -  Version of Windows?

Do you have to change the settings in Windows to use a different Sound Output device when switching from the monitor's built-in speaker to your headphones or plug-in speakers, especially if you're using audio over HDMI to the monitor?

In Windows 10:



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