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XPS 8900, Bluetooth, "Allow A Device To Connect" Grayed Out

I have a Dell XPS 8900 running Win 10 Pro. A few days ago, bluetooth stopped working. When I right click the bluetooth tray icon, the "Allow A Device To Connect" is grayed out. I contacted Microsoft support and the technician connected to my computer remotely and ran diagnostics, updated drivers, rolled back drivers, checked settings, and everything they possible could to fix the problem. They couldn't fix it. We were able to get to the point where the XPS would pair with my Samsung Galaxy S4, but when we tried to connect, it never connected. Bluetooth was working fine until a few days ago. I am out of options. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Dell XPS 8900 Bluetooth "Allow A Device To Connect" Grayed Out


Try to un-install and re-install Bluetooth adapter drivers from device manager and check with the issue. Follow the steps.

a. Press Windows key + X.

b. Click on device manager.

c. Expand Bluetooth radios.

d. Select the device listed under Bluetooth.

e. Right click on it and click on un-install.

f. Restart the computer.


Windows will re-install Bluetooth drivers automatically.

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Re: Dell XPS 8900 Bluetooth "Allow A Device To Connect" Grayed Out

My guess is a bad/flakey Bluetooth radio device.

Where is it exactly on that machine?

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Re: Dell XPS 8900 Bluetooth "Allow A Device To Connect" Grayed Out

Wi-Fi and BT are on an M.2 card that plugs into the motherboard. Looks like they offered either Dell Wireless 1801 WiFi and Bluetooth, or Dell Wireless 1560 802.11 ac and Bluetooth, or Intel 3160 7260 3165 7265 8260 8265 Bluetooth, so make sure you install the right driver for whatever card you have. 

And if reinstalling the drivers doesn't help, you might want to reseat that card in its slot. See Service Manual for details.

Always possible the BT radio died, meaning the Wi-Fi/BT card will have to be replaced. Does the Wi-Fi still work?


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