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XPS 8900, RAM upgrade options?

I am having trouble trying to figure out what RAM is compatible with my XPS 8900 motherboard. Can someone help me out? I open my task manager and check out the memory and it tells me im using ram with a speed of 2133 Mhz if that helps. 

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Go to a RAM manufacturer's site like crucial.com, kingston.com, or gskill.com and put in your system information. The online tool will tell you what RAM is compatible and how much RAM is maximum.

Problem is, that Gskill doesn't list Dell as a manufacturer. They are the guys who make the RAM  I want but just not sure which works. Every time I use a site that does list Dell, they are telling me to buy 2400 Mhz RAM even though my task manager is telling me I'm running 2133 Mhz currently.  I wish Newegg had software like these sites. Would make ordering new parts much easier.  I have provided 3 links for 3 different types. Think you could tell me if they will work?




Newegg does have software. It is just hard to find. Try the Memory Finder tool at Newegg: https://promotions.newegg.com/memory/17-5198/index.html?Tpk=memory%20finder#/?cat=AA&brand=351961&pr...


Well I went with these, hopefully they work in my motherboard. 


Did the G.Skill Aegis RAM work for your XPS 8900? I bought the same model (2 * 8 GB) but they don't work for my Dell XPS 8900. The computer won't boot. 



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