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XPS 8900, Windows 10, SSD M.2 installation

It has been a while since I have cracked open a PC and messed with components, so please forgive the dumb questions.

I have an old(ish) 8900 with the stock 1TB HD. My plan is to install a 500GB SSD M.2 as my boot drive, and use the 1TB as storage.

1.) I have never had an M.2 drive before. In terms of installing on this particular model, are there any critical specs I need to look for when buying the stick?

2.) After installing the M.2, do I need to mess with jumpers on the old physical drive - i.e., move jumpers to set it to “slave”? Not sure if that was necessary anymore.

3.) After physical installation, am I correct in assuming that I need to get into BIOS-UEFI to make sure the M.2 is recognized and then set it as the boot drive (after USB and CD/DVD drive)?

Please and thank you.

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