XPS 8900, Windows 7, adding an 8TB secondary hard drive

I have a Seagate Barracuda 8TB drive that I want to install in my XPS 8900 running Windows 7 but can't figure out how. Supposedly Windows 7 should recognize the new drive and install drivers but what happens is that Windows starts loading and just stays on the opening loading screen. I don't see anything obvious in the BIOS setup screen that would help. Hot-plugging it doesn't do anything, although I did have one defragging program that could see it, reporting it as a 0 g device. There has to be a way to do this but I've reached the top of my comfort level with mucking around with settings I don't completely understand. Can someone clue me in on the process?

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Re: Adding an 8T secondary hard drive to an XPS 8900

Beyond 2TB requires UEFI, GPT and 64 Bit OS.

Windows 8 and newerUEFI BIOSSupported by Windows 64 bit only
Windows Vista and newerPC BIOSUse DiscWizard Extended Capacity Manager Software

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