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XPS 8910, 2nd NVMe SSD

My boot drive is a Samsung 860 Pro 512 GB. I have a 2 TB hard drive that I tried to replace with a second NVMe PCIe drive--an Intel 660p 2 TB drive. I used a Vantec M.2 NVMe SSD PCIe x 4 adapter 

Anyway, I mounted the SSD on the card and installed it into the  PCI-Express x4 card slot (SLOT 4).. The system showed a Dell logo and would not boot. I removed the card and the system worked.

I looked in the messages here and did not find any specific mention of trying this. I assume a SATA SSD would work fine and I planned to install one but the 2 TB Intel SSD at $194 was less expensive than SATA cards. 

Does anyone know if the XPS 8910 can support two NVMe PCIe cards?


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Re: 2nd NVMe SSD XPS 8910

There are no models made to support 2 NVME PCI-E

There is a specific kind of card that goes into an X16 slot that can have more than 1 stick but this is for storage not for booting.


There are also cards that take 2 NVME in Raid0 for an x8 slot.

The third way is thunderbolt 3





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