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XPS 8920, RTX 2060, new power source?

Hi everyone - used to change out video cards all the time but that was 25 years ago, and its gotten alot more complicated so forgive my ignorance!  I have an XPS 8920 i7 7700 3.6 GHz with an NVidia 1060.  Was looking to upgrade and a 2060 was suggested.  I have the original Dell power source- think its 460W?  Is that enough power?  The rest of my specs are 16 gb RAM, 512 SSD, 1 T HD. FYI  I play mostly RPG/third person adventure- no fast FPS or online gaming.  I'd rather upgrade to a less powerful card than fool around with a new power source : )


                                                            thanks- Sabine

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Waiting on a new monitor coming next week and then the new video card.  The quarantine really got me back into gaming

I shopped ~27" monitors for my new system but then decided to wait and see since my ancient EIZOs will not die and still look good.  So, what monitor did you settle on... I'm still shopping?



So I'm changing out a 17 in 16 year old (!) View Sonic for this  https://www.viewsonic.com/us/products/shop/monitors/elite-gaming-monitors/high-refresh/xg2760.html ; Decided not to do full 4k UHD because was worried my CPU
/GPU wouldn't be able to handle it and would have really low F

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