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XPS 8920, wanted to upgrade my video card for gaming

Anyone have any ideas for a easy upgrade for gameing for my xps 8920


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@Giuseppe 84 You should search this forum for suggestions. Some things to consider 1) if you have the original power supply you are limited to a 460 watt recommended minimum system power supply requirement for the graphics card unless you also plan to upgrade the power supply and 2) whether or not the graphics card will fit in your case.


How are you ... yes its the original power supply .. just don't know how to find out what video card I canget.. super newb


Can I install any card as long as it fits and is under the watts



You may need to turn off secure boot in bios in order to boot with certain video cards, notably some of the AMD ones. Other than that as long as it fits the case and gets proper power connectors from the stock psu, you should be okay. The cooling in 8920 case is not the best. It is probably better to get a blower type card than open air.


@Giuseppe 84 First, what video card do you have now and why is it not adequate for the game or games you are playing? What is the video card requirements for the game you are most interested in playing? There are many factors that affect gaming performance including the CPU, amount of memory, and speed of your disk drive, not just the video card, so tell us a little more about your system. 

You may also wish to check out this post: https://www.dell.com/community/Desktops-Wiki/How-do-I-check-to-see-if-my-PC-will-run-a-specific-game...

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