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XPS 8930 SE, 2020 heating issue

I’ve been going through the forum and looking through posts regarding the xps tower fan issues...

recently placed an order on a i9 9900 non k cpu with 2070 super. PSU is 850 watts. Can anyone confirm if this fan issue is updated for 2020 orders? 

planning on using this for architecture modeling and rendering with a bit of light gaming.


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@blin2020   Can anyone confirm if this fan issue is updated for 2020 orders? 

It is not.

There are actually two related issues;

  • heat in the air flow starved case
  • crazy screaming fan noise (an attempt to resolve the first issue)

If you can switch to the 'K' processor, you will get a better CPU cooling solution and a heatsink on the VRM. You will still need to replace the 92mm top exhaust fan (if that is what you get) with a 120mm fan, and add at least a lower front intake fan.

This is my experience. Other peoples' experience may vary.

XPS 8930 SE Exhaust Fan & Intake Fan Upgrade 


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For future reference:

I disagree on bumping the CPU to the overclocked K-version just to get the heat pipe cooler.  This would cost more and the overclocked CPU would consume more power (95W vs 65W TDP) and generate more heat all of the time.  Plus I'm not sure a Dell CPU fan is the most quiet option since Dell tends to use beefier, nosier fans.  And that heat pipe cooler blocks access to some motherboard connections... the top case fan header?... a PSU connection?  This could complicate upgrading the top case fan to a 120mm fan, requiring a CPU cooler remounting... I'm not certain of this point.

Instead, if you determine the non-K CPU needs more cooling, install an after-market cooler of your choice (Arctic 11 LP?).



Modern CPUs are quite economical, they only pull heavy watts under heavy load.  TDP is just an expected max value for an average user to help you choose a cooling option when building a system.  Everyones usage will differ.  Nonoverclocked cpus may never reach this, while overclocked cpus may easily exceed it.  At idle, any power differences are nominal:

  •  9900k at stock clocks pulls 13.3W at idle
  • 9900k overclocked to 5.0 ghz pulls 14.6w at idle
  • 8700k at stock clocks pulls 11.2w at idle
  • 8700k overclocked to 4.9ghz pulls 11.9w at idle.




cancel the order and buy a real PC (one that can NOT OVERHEAT) ok? would you buy car that overheated? no..

or DIY,  build anything you want, no do that, even learn new skills sets , buy the case first, with max cooling options

or even make a fan less PC. (psu  will have fan sure)  this PC will never overheat. see GPU  water too?




>>cancel the order and buy a real PC

I think the OP's new PC can serve him well, if the case fans are upgraded to moderate the issue of the case having restricted space and too few fans.  That's much easier than building a PC.

OP can also receive and trial the PC and return it within the return window, I think.


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