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XPS 8930 SE, shuts off after 30 seconds while restarting

After restoring to an earlier day, the XPS 8930 SE just shut down and never restarted. Now when I try to restart, it shuts down after 30 seconds. Then I turn on again and it stays on but I get a blank screen. It doesn't restart, I can tell the USB ports have power to them cause my orbital camera moves when it tries to restart, but I get no picture on my screen at all. I have tried disconnecting everything. I have tried a hard start up and nothing.

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Re: XPS 8930 SE, shuts off after 30 seconds while restarting

Why did you do the restore?

Is the power supply LED (#9) on back of PC on or off after it shuts down?

What happens when you press the BIST button (#8 in that diagram)?

If you use a power strip or surge protector, remove those and connect PC directly to a working wall outlet.

What's a "hard startup"?



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Re: XPS 8930 SE, shuts off after 30 seconds while restarting

do a long reset, first.( no AC  power all, step 1 to 5 and then try the PC  normally.

the PC is BIOS dead  no screens

at least 1 fan must spin, does one, if not that is power failure or good ole latchup(link above is cure)

it cant post until power works.

does it run or start or make screens show up, after cool down>?

x2, BIST button and green LED  next to it.

we can't hear it so,  that is big big reason for wild guessing here,

we look even inside,, for standby LED , for beeps and on my dells the 4 error code LED on the front bezel.

does the DVD tray eject, button next to it? when dead.

LED on power button do odd things? 

Is screen plugged in to correct video port does the PC have GPU card in PCI slot? if yes plug In there only.

this is the short list, and longer is easy too, predicated on facts above learned.

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