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Re: XPS 8930 SE - Storage HD Model + RAID Setup

I put a pair of 1TB RAID drives from my old ASUS machine into the

two spare cages at bottom of case.

Then I went to Programs/IntelStorage Technology.

I clicked on Create a Volume and chose one of the existing drives

to copy (rebuild the array).

You can choose RAID 0 or 1.

As my drives were full, it took about two hours.

I use the existing 1TB to backup the M.2 OS.


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Re: XPS 8930 SE - Storage HD Model + RAID Setup

Thanks again for the continued input here!

So 8930user, it appears you were able to successfully achieve what I was initially wondering about (create a RAID 1 with 2 SATA storage drives, without affecting SSD boot drive)?!? If so, that's good news.

I got the computer today and am doing some basic checking through of it first. Interestingly, the only icon on the Desktop besides the Recycle Bin was a shortcut to Intel Rapid Storage Technology app. I thought that was a curious choice to be installed off-the-bat on a newly started system. And, when opening it up, it only displays my SATA storage drive, not my M.2 boot. So maybe IRST only works with SATA drives?!?

UNFORTUNATELY, it appears that this computer didn't come with the extra 2 blue hard drive trays that appear to be necessary to mount additional dives in the bottom 2 bays. Did yours come with them? I'm wondering if because mine was refurbished it didn't include everything. I would have assumed it would have everything as a new purchase.

I'm still curious to find out any pros/cons between IRST and Win10 Mirroring. I'm guessing using Windows 10 mirroring might be simpler setup and less reliant on the IRST drivers or setup if anything needs to migrate.

I'll get my 2nd drive tomorrow. But I'll be honest, at initial inspection I'm not too impressed with this machine. The case seems very cheap, plasticy. Some of the components appear to be cheaper OEM versions. Just not a great first impression for what I thought might be a more high-end device (would have been $2k new). Maybe I'm too used to Macs at work and my current custom-build that used mostly top-brand components...

Thanks again!

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Re: XPS 8930 SE - Storage HD Model + RAID Setup

I have found this thread very informative.  I just received my refurbished XPS 8930 which has only a 512GB M.2 SSD and no HDD.  I am coming from an old Studio XPS 9100 with 2 HDDs mirrored in RAID 1.  This has served me well and despite the failure of at least two Seagate Barracuda 2TB drives, I never had to perform the arduous task of rebuilding my OS.  A couple days in RAID degraded mode, swap out the drive, and then background rebuilding the volume.  I would like this level of reliability on my new computer.

As the OS is on the M.2 SSD, the OS drive will not be mirrored.  Should the SSD fail, I will be offline for at least the time it takes to acquire a replacement component.  I plan to install two HDDs in RAID 1 for my data and I hope to automate regular imaging of the OS volume to the HDD RAID array.  My data RAID volume will be automatically backed up to a NAS drive.  Should I have an OS volume failure, it should be as simple as swapping out the SSD, booting to a recovery USB drive, and then restoring the OS volume.

If you are still on this forum, Nametag, I would be interested in how your XPS 8930 storage system worked out for you.

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