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Re: XPS 8930 SE, Vibration, Hum is Back Again

For now, the system is still quiet on almost day three now, and the only thing I did was reseat the swing arm power supply and relock. I guess at this point I'm wondering if anyone else on here has had issue with this mechanism and system for the power supply. I believe this was used in not just the 8930 but even the 8920 or lower? Just curious if anyone else has had issues in this particular area, and what if anything was ultimately done about it. I do not believe it is the Blu-ray, as this has been pretty much quiet the whole time I've owned the system. At this point I think the vibrations start because the swing arm and locks are not seating the way they should or are coming out of place within a certain length of time. In other words not sitting where they should. Has anyone else had issues like this with the style of Dell case? Just curious to see. Thanks to anyone who responds.

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