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XPS 8930, best use of the two internal HDD

How to best use the 2 drives?  i've got a 500GB SSD, and a 1 TB HDD.  SDD is almost full; nothing is going to the HDD.  Please recommend best way to use the two drives and minimize transfering data from one to the other at a later time?

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Re: best use of the 2 internal hard drives XPS 8930

If you are using Windows 10 you can set up the HDD as the default location for additional storage. Go to "All settings", "System", "Storage", then "Change where new content is saved" on the right. There you can change were new apps, documents, music, photos and video, etc. is stored. Remember this is only for new content, existing content will remain in its present location unless to move it to the new location. Existing apps will also remain in its present location unless you uninstall and then re-install them. Move your data to the HDD and use the SSD for only the OS and apps that you do not wish to re-install..

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Re: best use of the 2 internal hard drives XPS 8930

SSD C: = All Windows, all Programs/Apps, Favorite games
HDD D: = Storage of Data/Media files (and installs of other large games if you have those)

USB-3.0 HDD E: = Macrium Reflect images (backups) of whole PC (C: and D: )

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