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XPS 8930, freezes for 3-5 seconds

I also have an XPS 8930 purchased on May 1 2019 that is freezing in the same way (mouse pointer and keyboard freezes for 3-5 seconds once every hour or so). There is nothing in the event log. It has done this since it was purchased. I was hoping there would be a software fix by now.

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"I bought a Dell XPS 8930 and also experienced these annoying freezes lasting a few seconds and making a noise resembling the HD briefly spinning up. Looked for a remedy, and stumbled upon this forum.
I only opted for the least intrusive fix reported here - changing the startup type for Dell SupportAssist Remediation Service from Automatic (Delayed start) to Manual. I can confirm that these annoying hiccups are gone ever since. Why after at least 6 months of reporting this problem here, Dell hasn't done anything to fix it is beyond me.

* Press Windows key + R
* Type services.msc [press Enter or click OK]
* Find and open Dell SupportAssist Remediation
* Change Startup type: to Manual
* Click Apple- OK
* Restart the PC when done"

This advice seems to work without being too drastic.  Thanks!

Note that you can use Ctrl-Alt-Del and drill down through Task Manager\Services to monitor and manage the culprit service, Dell SupportAssist Remediation Service.

Dell needs to remediate their Remediation Service!  Customers don't want their computer locking up every hour.  Dumb, Mr. Dell.

Edit:  See https://www.dell.com/community/XPS-Desktops/Uninstalling-Dell-Update-for-Windows-10-using-Revo-Unins...


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<started your own thread>


* Does the Dell pre-Windows ePSA Diagnostics pass or fail?

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Good of you to get your own thread started, instead of jumping on @kinwolf  thread.

ePSA results will be telling.

I wonder what BIOS version are you running? Well, Chris will get you fixed-up I'm sure. 

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Awaiting a response to my previous post.

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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I also have an XPS 8930 purchased on July 21, 2019 that is freezing in the same way (mouse pointer and keyboard freezes for 3-5 seconds a few times every hour). There is nothing in the event log. It came out of the box this way.

This is a reply to myself to update the information. Running the pre-Windows diagnostics and the Dell SupportAssist diagnostics found no hardware issues.

Run Task Manager and look at the Performance tab to check for spike in CPU, Disk, or GPU activity. Also it may help to look at the Processes tab to see what, if any, processes may spike CPU activity.

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Just to add, I also get a similar occurrence - keyboard/mouse locking up, for a few seconds, every so often!

Took delivery on 9th July 2019!




ps:- I have NOT yet updated to BIOS 1.1.8 (wanted to check out the "Scare-Stories" BEFORE I committed myself to that route)!



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Something I suggested in that other thread on this same topic which worked for at least a couple of those users was:

Reboot and immediately press F2 to open BIOS setup. Look for the USB Wake Support option in the Power Options area of BIOS. Make sure USB Wake Support is ENABLED. Save the change, but do not change anything else in BIOS setup. Exit BIOS setup.

When PC reboots, open Device Manager and expand list under USB. Double-click a USB root hub and click its Power Management tab. Uncheck the box "Allow PC to turn off...". Repeat for all root hubs.

Now expand list under Human Interface Devices in Device Manager and uncheck that same box for any HID entry that has a Power Management tab. Exit Device Manager when done.

Next, open the Windows Power options screen and identify your active Power plan. Click the link to change its settings and on next screen click link for Additional Options. On that screen, disable Hibernation, disable Hybrid Sleep, disable USB Selective Suspend, and disable PCI Express Link State Management. Save the changes to the power plan and reboot.

See if that helps. None of these changes is irreversible so there's no harm in trying them. Post back and let us know what happens...


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I have tried the things suggested in the two forums on this issue. The suggestions are appreciated but the "freeze issue" remains in my case.
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