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XPS 8930, freezes for 3-5 seconds

I also have an XPS 8930 purchased on May 1 2019 that is freezing in the same way (mouse pointer and keyboard freezes for 3-5 seconds once every hour or so). There is nothing in the event log. It has done this since it was purchased. I was hoping there would be a software fix by now.

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SSDs don't have moving parts so they can't make noise. On other hand, HDDs and fans can make noises, especially if they're having problems. Clean installing Win 11 on the SSD won't do anything to stop mechanical noises. 

As I said, back up that HDD ASAP. Have you run the diagnostics from the F12 menu?

Assuming no diagnostics errors, power PC off normally. Then fully open case, power on normally, and listen for the noise.  Put end of cardboard tube from inside a roll of paper towels up to your ear and point other end, first at the HDD, and then at individual fans to see if you can isolate the noise.You may need to do some HDD access, so launch an app from HDD while pointing the tube at it. You might need a 3rd pair of hands... Be careful when powering PC on with case open and keep fingers, metal objects, etc out of inside the case.  Once you ID the noise maker, you can decide to replace it.

When you installed Win 11, did you also install Dell's SupportAssist, Dell Update, etc ? They have been implicated in those 3-5sec freezes. So if they're installed now, get rid of them.

Have you tried making the Power plan settings changes for hibernation, hybrid sleep, USB selective suspend, and PCI-e link state management that have been recommended multiple times in this thread to help stop these freezes? I uninstalled Dell's software and made the Power plan changes and my XPS 8930 stopped having those freezes.

What version of BIOS is running on your XPS 8930?
Are all your drivers up-to-date?


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