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XPS 8930, how many HDD can I add?


I bought an XPS 8930 with a 512 SSD and a 1 TB HDD

i have a 128 SSD , a 1 TB HDD and. 4 TB HDD

how many can I add ?

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Re: XPS 8930, how many HDD can I add?

According to the specs there are SATA ports for a total of three 3.5" HDDs. The PSU has 2 free SATA power connectors since you already have one HDD installed but you will need to get two SATA data cables. 

Check the Service Manual for instructions to install additional HDDs.



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Re: XPS 8930, how many HDD can I add?

the electric data answer is A to Z drives. 26 or more, using magic volume rules.

the other limits are SPACE<  you could tie wrap SDD drives all over the place in  PC, (it has no motor so makes no noise nor vibrates nor needs fancy HDD mounts at all,  I have PC with slim line DVD gutted and SSD inside.

It is true HDD need proper mounts, and rubber mounts are that, Dells blue plastic seen there is prime grade.

Limit next is power, many dells have no real ATX PSU and only 2 sata power cables, (sad no?)  but I upgrade mine to real ATC and now swim in cables. even modular cables,.

you can also add SSD USB or HDD USB external drives all  day long... even add USB ports.

or get esata card and use that.

and more, you can put in all mine, LSI9211, raid card (HBA "TI" mode) and run 4 to 8 more drives.

inside or even outside the PC.

there are no real limits, but the power needed, and you can add SATA ports all you want, huge choices.

then there is the dell answer. what you see is what you get, from there grossly limited options sold.


solution2%20%281%29this is extreme, the Dell R410 that boots to a DVD cable set, no problems at all SERVER 2010R2.

the magic part dells having no stinking extra SATA POWER< I did this.

also they sell adapters on ebay to add power cables.

or get rid of Dell PSU,now there is the best way.

I like this corsair.

some answer what it is, I answer what it can be. (its 6yo old, now, and can be any thing you want) ask.

I am not Dell, I am retired from this industry since 2009,
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