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Re: XPS 8930, lockup for 3 to 4 seconds


I understood you to say dell remediation is not included in the new support assist. I think you are right. I took the time to backup my other system and I used the SSD to install Windows 10 (1909) and installed the drivers and new version of Support Assist. I did not see Remediation in services.

Thanks for confirming this.  Good to know for anyone paying attention.  Although I suppose it is possible for Dell SupportAssist to patch itself by installing its own Remediation Service.  Although this may have been the case earlier, I've been told current Dell SupportAssist no longer requires 'remediation'... which is plausible.  The name 'remediation' is something to be rid of sooner than later.

I had to use the Windows 10 2004 USB. What is the point of Support assist recovery if it is not gonna work?

In my experience, system recovery is best done from scratch with a clean install.  But most people can't do this well without skills and experience and a bit of fearlessness.  Dell SupportAssist tries to solve these system maintenance problems for both the user and for Dell.  But the systems are too complicated for this automation to be flawless.  Maybe someday, but not today.

My concern is that instead of simplifying motherboard/BIOS/subsystem integration and OS installation, these have become more complicated such that third party helpers like Dell SupportAssist are being advanced just to keep things somewhat manageable.  And then Windows 10 comes along and makes system management even more difficult in more ways than one.  The requirement for imperfect systems to manage imperfect systems because the systems are too complicated and poorly designed in the first place is going off in the wrong direction, imo.

Even Dell struggles with their role in this... Command Update, Dell Update, Dell SupportAssist, etc... umpteen helpers with different names all trying to do the same thing... manage the integration that is a PC... multi-OEM integration is and has been both the PC's strength and its weakness.  Could be worse... could be a Mac! 🙂


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