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XPS 8930 startup issues

Start-up on my 3 month old PC (Dell XPS 8930) had been occasionally flaky, but normally sorted itself out after a simple restart. However, now when I press the power button, the PC appears to power on, with fan and LED's on, but there is no HDMI output whatsoever, with no Dell logo screen. I don't think it's an issue with the HDMI, as when the monitor is on but using another input, and the PC is switched on, it will swap source automatically to the PC input, but turn off straight away claiming no HDMI input detected.

Also, when I have a USB keyboard in, I notice that the number lock LED turns on intermittently for about 10-15 seconds each time. 

Any suggestions?


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Re: XPS 8930 startup issues


* Where is the HDMI monitor connected? In the XPS 8930 top onboard HDMI out port or the bottom added video card HDMI out port?
* List everything plugged into the rear of the XPS 8930
* What BIOS is installed?

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