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XPS 8930 vs Inspiron G5-5090 Gaming?

Hello. Just looking for some advice before I make my next desktop purchase. I'm mostly going to be doing video editing.

I am comparing the XPS 8930 priced at £1399.01 with the Inspiron G5-5090 Gaming priced at £1339 (this includes the monitor). The technical specification looks the same to me. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Re: XPS 8930 vs Inspiron G5-5090 Gaming?

AVOID the G5 like the plague.  It has itty bitty proprietary power supply.

The main power connector is not the standard 24 pin its a 6 pin power supply.




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Re: XPS 8930 vs Inspiron G5-5090 Gaming?


Consider looking for a good deal on a liquid cooled Aurora R8.

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