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XPS 8930, wireless card, cant find info anywhere

so I recently purchased a dell xps 8930 with the i7-8700 non k, 32 gb ram, nvidia gtx 1060 6gb, blah blah.  charter recently upgraded my internet to 200 mbps for no extra charge but found out I cannot get over 100 mbps on this pc. I have a Qualcomm QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Adapter and a Killer E2400 gigabit ethernet controller.  im wondering if I can replace with a new pci card to make use of these 200 mbps speeds, or if im out of luck and have to use the 95mbps-ish im currently getting and if it is able to be replaced could you recommend a newer 2018-ish compatible card regardless of price, might as well go all out so I wont ever have to upgrade for awhile!  ive searched and searched and can find no info other than its an "integrated" card, which im assuming cant be replaced but again im not computer tech type smart and have no idea! any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance


ps motherboard is Dell 0DF42J (U3E1) and the current card is in pci port I believe :/

Dell XPS 8930
Intel I7-8700
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB DDR5
1 Samsung 970 Evo NVME m.2 500GB SSD
1 Samsung 860 Evo 2.5" 500GB SSD
1 Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD
1 WD Black 2TB 7200RPM HDD

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According to the XPS 8930 Service Manual, the wireless card is removable and not integrated. See page 106 & 107.


Before you go too far, check to see if SmartByte software is installed on this PC.

If you find it, disable, delete, destroy SmartByte and see if that solves your speed issues.

You may also need to get rid of the Killer control panel too, if just deleting SmartByte doesn't solve this.

And FWIW, if you'd searched, there are a bunch of threads about speed issues with the Killer E2400 gigabit ethernet controller. :Wink:



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