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XPS 8940, Better 3rd party cooler

Hello there

I would greatly appreciate any help to find a new/better 3rd party cooler for my XPS 8940. It came with the thin and small stock cooler and is overheating the whole time. I got a i9-10900 processor with 128 GB of RAM and I need this computer to generate some GIS layers. These jobs take 2-4 hrs every time and I can see that the processor is throttling or C° 97+ all the time.

I tried the Noctua 15S but the problem is there is no space for the bracket under the motherboard. The stock fan screws directly into the chassis from above.

Thank you very much

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I did upgrade the exit fan to a Noctua NF-A9 PWM, and added a second one for the CPU cooler, temps now never exceed 68 °C under full load in 6hr runs.

Wish I knew about CPU coolers that mounted directly without modifications. As I said, it was a desperate measure haha.


That's good work and you are quite resourceful being able to mount that cooler.

Do you get a startup error with the Noctua NF-A9 PWM fan when it's connected to the chassis fan header?    

Thank you

No, I did not got any error because of the new fans. Not for the exit fan on the chassis neither for the two on the CPU cooler. I'm using the Y-cable included with the fan to be able to connect the two to the same CPU fan header. 

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Thanks for that information.......should be helpful for others following that same exhaust fan and CPU fan upgrades.    The Noctua  NF-AF PWM fan is a nice fan, have used it before.   Great choice as the 92mm exhaust fan upgrade.


Noctua NH-U9S should also fit into this case as was installed in the G5 case using M3 x 14mm bolts and matching washers here.

No cutting necessary and uses the A9 92mm fan which is better than the Cooler Master fan and can add dual fans to the cooler very easily.

Try this one for sure vs the TX3.


Noctua also makes a NH-L12S 120mm low profile cooler which uses the same type of new mounting system and should be able to use the same M3 x 14mm bolts to secure the 2 mounting brackets to the motherboard.   It also comes with double sided pins which might be usable to install into the existing motherboard mounts. 

Uses that great slim 15mm fan but can be upgraded to a 25mm fan.   It can be mounted with the fan on top for clearance of the ram sticks.....just not sure if the 120mm footprint would fit into that small space.    

I would try this one as well if you use the measurements off the link and see if it would fit that area around the CPU in the case.



If I had this machine even though they blocked the airflow with the solid piece of plastic on the upper part of the bezel, I would be temped to do some cutting and still try the Corsair H60 (2018) CPU liquid cooler.   I know a 120mm fan fits in that location in the upper intake position.

There is a piece of plastic separating the bottom part of the front bezel which has good airflow,  to the upper part of the bezel where the upper front intake is.  Shown here as this is the only pic I could find of the inside of that bezel. It would be simple to trim away some of that plastic to get the air to the upper half.  Just not sure if it would be enough air for the AIO unit to be effective.  Worked okay in the XPS 8930 mod where the air was coming in from the holes on the sides of the solid front bezel.  


XPS 8940 front bezel.JPG

I would remove the HDD bracket in the upper intake position, move the HDD to the top chassis bracket, install the H60 cooler and be done with it.......the 92mm coolers are okay with the non-K processors but still limiting. For sure for -K CPU machines and overclocking, and even for non-K machines if users start to put higher end full length GPU's in the machine that throw off a ton of heat in this case with only a 92mm exhaust fan.  

Think it would work?    Not so worried about the fan radiator coupling as much as the airflow restriction across the bezel because it's drawing air from the only the lower front half of the bezel.....



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@HanoverB   Think it would work? Not so worried about the fan radiator coupling as much as the airflow restriction across the bezel because it's drawing air from the only the lower front half of the bezel.....

I agree . . . if you are using a fan to push air through a radiator, you would want to minimize any air flow restriction. The outside top of the bezel is smooth, so easy to work with it terms of fabricating some sort of venting . . . even just drilling a bunch of holes. I saw some crazy guy use a hole saw to open up a bezel like this before  


New Arctic i13x CPU cooler reported to be plug and play as well in the G5 so should fit here as well per this post

At least some options available without having to drill out or cut into the motherboard.


CoolerMaster Hyper T2
Arctic i13X

CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 EVO
Noctua NH-U9S


I did go back to the beginning of the thread and saw u did modify the motherboard backplate to use the Noctua NH-D9L cooler. 

That cooler does use the same Secufirm2 mounting system as the other coolers known to work on the G5/XPS 8940 motherboard.  I am wondering now if you did have some M3 x 13mm bolts on hand from the hardware store if in fact it would have installed like this:



mounting bracket 




Little late with this info and fortunately you were able mount yours in another fashion, so do you think you can add the NH-D9L cooler to the list of coolers that can be used without motherboard mods using the M3 bolts?


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well, I did not had the hardware to try that, sounds like it should work. I honestly was a bit desperate on getting this running ASAP. I was also concern about the tolerances and the last thing I wanted was a bad mounted CPU cooler. So I stick with modify the case to make the back plate provided with the Noctua fan fit. I hope future users find this and get some ideas about what they can try before cutting anything. I'm sure there will be a lot of people that will benefit from better cooling solutions on these high performance chips. Thank you
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