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XPS 8940, Better 3rd party cooler

Hello there

I would greatly appreciate any help to find a new/better 3rd party cooler for my XPS 8940. It came with the thin and small stock cooler and is overheating the whole time. I got a i9-10900 processor with 128 GB of RAM and I need this computer to generate some GIS layers. These jobs take 2-4 hrs every time and I can see that the processor is throttling or C° 97+ all the time.

I tried the Noctua 15S but the problem is there is no space for the bracket under the motherboard. The stock fan screws directly into the chassis from above.

Thank you very much

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@LjChesla nice setup! I love the black coolers!

If that error doesn't come back again, I wouldn't worry about it. Windows has mysterious ways sometimes

I wouldn't worry about the cooler angle either. As long as you put thermal paste and your temps are ok, it means the plate makes good contact with the CPU. I can't even notice any misalignment from the picture you posted.

I'll let others comment on the NA-FC1 controller. I don't have one. My Noctuas are all plugged into the motherboard fan headers (2 on the CPU header and 3 on the case header) using the splitters included with the fans. I let the software/OS control fan speed.




Please see my questions regarding your last post...thanks!


It sounds as though you purchased the exact same processor and graphics card as I did with the same resulting thermal issue.   Yes, the VWD01 is the newer version, and looks exactly like the older versions of the CPU Heatsink used on prior XPS models (I replaced a 8900 with a K series processor that had the same higher-end heatsink with an older model number).    Given the uncertainty of sourcing, I initially bought one new from a China vendor off of eBay, and when I called Dell Parts a day later to get the 612F7, I decided to order a second VWD01 from them as well (to be sure I had the right part).   I received both and they were of the exact same manufacture.   I could not find any source for the 612F7 other than from Dell Parts.   I would recommend the call to Dell Parts for both components.  The service rep will have no trouble identifying the VWD01, but will likely have initial difficulty with the 612F7.   I had the service manual available as told them I could show them the part on Page 50.  The rep was terrific in my case, found the part (confirmed it is identified as a 612F7 in their system), and sent me both with no shipping cost.     As for installation, it was exceptionally straightforward.   The VWD01 comes with the thermal paste pre-applied in a square at the bottom of the heatsink.   I simply removed the tiny heatsink that shipped with the computer, cleaned the top of the processor with alcohol wipes until it was clean, and then put the new heatsink in.  Please note that there are white circles with the numbers 1 through 4 on the board next to the heatsink posts.  This is the sequence to be followed when gently tightening the screws.  I tightened until snug (but not any further than when you first get resistance from the screw driver).   The VR Heatsink was easy to affix as well given the pre-existing posts and that it ships with the embedded screws and springs (you just pull the protective plastic off of the thermal tape).   As a side note, I decided to use the pre-applied Dell thermal paste and then based on temps decide whether to clean that off and apply a higher end thermal paste, but found such an effective improvement in the temps that I chose to go with the pre-applied Dell past.   The whole change literally took ten minutes and was easy for a consumer / novice such as myself.  I think Dell should make this heatsink upgrade more readily available to its XPS customers.   If you choose to go this route, please let me know how it goes.IMG_1075.jpgIMG_1076.jpg


Thank you as well, response just posted.


VR Heatsink is placed right next to the processor on the rear fan side.   Great picture of placement and installation is found in the service manual PDF available through the support tab in the web site.



Is the voltage regulator one module?  On my motherboard, in the location shown in the Service Manual, there are 21 small square modules.  Does the heat sink cover all 21?  Thanks...Voltage regulator(s)?Voltage regulator(s)?


The one heatsink covers all of those individual VR components.   You should see a faint outline and two post holes on the board for where the VR Heatsink covers.   I can post a picture later if this remains unclear to you on your board.



According to this, on page 49 of the Service Manual, a non-K or non-F i9-10900 does not require a voltage regulator...?

XPS 8940 voltage regulator p.50 service manual.JPG


No, that's fine, it's just that I had heard the voltage regulator referred to as a "module", rather than 21 separate components.  The service manual further confused me by suggesting that our CPUs didn't require one.

Thanks for your time...I just don't want to order something that's not going to work!




I just spoke with Dell parts...both items are out of stock. 

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